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What we do

All our services are based on a deep analysis of business needs, market research and best practices in the industry. After carefully analyzing the business needs of progressive minded companies, we propose a knowledgeable solution that is generally a mix of strategy, your very own virtual employee, and an end-to-end execution plan.

With your virtual teams on our payroll, you can confidently say no to freelancers, agencies, and their exorbitant pricing knowing that we have hand-picked the best for you.

Management roles

Highly skilled leaders with capability of GAP identification, invision solutions and implement effective process inorder to drive results.

Sales & Marketing

Target-driven sales ninjas who excel at networking and influencing, have on-point negotiation skills and are driven by the passion to overachieve revenue goals.

Social Media

Curious innovative thinkers with excellent communication skills who swiftly adapt to market trends, identify customer needs and work in tandem with sales teams.

HR and Operations

Problem solvers who dig down to the root of problems, action takers who optimize processes and have 360-degree people management skills.

Customer Service

Diligent situation handlers with solid communication & interpersonal skills who relish problem-solving & customer satisfaction.

QA/QC Managerment

Proactive and resourceful multitaskers with excellent organization skills who catalyze business growth and empower business heads.

The workflow

GoToMarket activation process

We identify your requirements, gather required data, do a thorough market analysis & activate the project.

We identify the right candidate from our pool of the best handpicked candidates to suit your requirements.

We introduce the candidate, orient them with your business and get them onboard.

We train the candidate specific to your business goals so that they meet the performance standards of your company

With this, your virtual team gets activated!

How we work

Monitoring Process

  1. Daily Meeting With The Virtual Team

  2. Constant Communication & Co-Ordination By Key Account Manager

  3. Regular Progress Report , Updates And Meetings

How we work

Monitoring process


Daily meeting with the virtual team


Constant communication & co-ordination by Key Account Manager


Regular progress report , updates and meetings


CRM & Task Management tool to get instant updates on day-to-day work

Coffee on us!

Let’s craft a personalized solution for you.

Business Services

Market Research

Assist in determining the potential of the new business by accumulating data on market ecosystem and customer portfolio.

Brand Positioning

We help ambitious businesses like yours generate more profits by building awareness, driving web traffic, connecting with customers.

Data Research

Google has said for years, that the single most important factor to them is high-quality content. Now, more than ever, they have the ability.

Business Consulting

Go To Market Strategy

Helping both new/startups & existing businesses build a product launch or re-market entry strategy, covering all aspects such as brand building, product positioning & marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy

Determining market segment, target audience, customer persona followed by defining channels of marketing, budgeting and ROI plan.

Sales Strategy

Establishing a plan of action for businesses, with a goal to optimize complete sales process, comprising target market and customer segmentation, product pricing, buying personas, channel strategy, sales process, KPI’s , sales target setting and more.