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What are the Best practices to improve virtual team building?

virtual team building

First of all, we must know what a virtual team is. A virtual team infers individuals who work jointly from various geographic locations depending on communication technology like email, messaging, voice chat, video conference, and online meet app services. In simple words, a virtual team works as a group consisting of some core members who can interact with each other mainly using electronic devices and employ themselves in interdependent assignments.

Is micromanagement necessary for virtual teams? 

Micromanagement is a management technique where a manager minutely observes and controls the work of his subordinates.

But as a leader of a virtual team, one needs to adopt a more structured approach. When the structure enables direct and upfront methods, micromanagement is not required. A team leader must develop a supportive work environment for the virtual team. The leader must support the members by always being available and providing more feedback.

How relevant is the virtual team, and How do you manage it?

Virtual teams have become an inevitable occurrence in today’s business world. The present situation demands virtual and contactless office work to survive in the competition. Virtual staffing is a challenge to manage because creating a corporate culture remotely is a difficult task. Here are some strategies which can guide you to build a successful virtual team.

  • Finding the right people to work with is a crucial factor for virtual team building as everyone is neither suitable for remote work nor fits the team in terms of personality.

     •One has to spend some time engaging the team members to get acquainted with each other. 

  • For remote staffing, coordination is a challenge as employees are not co-located. So to simplify the work, must allocate tasks to sub-groups to maintain clarity throughout the process. 

• As communication on virtual teams is continually less, the leader should set up a charter that defines norms of behavior while participating in virtual meetings. 

• Specifying and sharing the meeting agenda at the right time, maintaining clear communication protocols, and start and finish the meeting on time are crucial factors. If the team members work from different time zones, it is essential to regularly rotate meeting times to spread the load equally among the members. Project management tools are an excellent medium to track the deadlines as the tools send alerts and reminders daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Virtual teams are most successful when objectives, goals, and perceptions are genuinely communicated.
  • True virtual team leaders widen their minds, expand their sights from the local to the global, and motivate them to work towards a common goal.
  • If members are not committed to accomplishing the mission, a team can feel so hindrances working in a virtual environment. Team members must try to develop mutual interdependence to achieve a specific goal. 
  • An openness of mind enhances loyalty and builds trust among the team members. The leader must strengthen sincere, direct communication with others. 
  • Selecting the suitable mode of virtual co unification is necessary. The remote staffing team must have access to appropriate technology for obtaining valid and current information. 
  • In a virtual team, the members can be of different time zones. But it is always prudent to have at least three to four standard hours a day when most teamwork is online. Being online at a similar time brings the team closer together and encourages them to solve many problems.

• A conflict management mechanism should always be activated. Simple miscommunications should be cleared and there to avoid complicated confrontations.

 Setting a specific standard can increase the pace of achieving the desired result. Thus the team faces fewer questions and gets an organized work curriculum. These work systems would effectively allow the leader to extract the best from employees.

The use of multiple communication tools is always necessary. It has many advantages as the team can communicate with the right person at the right time. Moreover, it helps build a solid internal feeling of togetherness using different methods, like conference calls, screen recordings, online team app, and many more, according to the needs.  

Creating and maintaining a routine is the essential factor of remote management. A pattern provides familiarity, reduces stress, and facilitates time management. Video calls are considered to recreate and maximize routine office feeling.

Professional outfit, decency, and a smooth work environment are inevitable parts of the corporate culture. 

 Selecting video calls over chatting and emails is a prudent choice in the case of virtual team communication. Chatting and sending a quick email may be the easier way, but this can lead to misunderstandings. With virtual team building, you can avoid misunderstandings, video calls or regular day-to-day phone calls are essential. This method helps the method leader to connect with the other team members on a personal level.

The process of rewarding the persons based on their skills can motivate the team members to work harder. But the reward system should be based on a solid and impartial yardstick.

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