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Virtual Staffing

The future of Virtual Staffing and the promise of GTM

Virtual Staffing

This pandemic has changed our planet, some changes painful but some absolutely revolutionary. While the concept of a regular workforce trodding and trudging its ways regularly through congested city traffic might soon become a thing of the past, majorly, remote working or virtual staffing is slowly assuming centre stage and providing answers to important questions of business owners: how do I maintain a semblance of control over my workforce while still keeping my operational costs and other employee related costs to the bare minimum?

Enter Virtual Staffing: a model of recruitment where business owners and companies can afford the luxury of hiring the best talent for specific jobs, even if the workforce in question is geographically spread over countries and continents. While the Social Media Manager of your company might be working from India, for example, it might very well be possible that your Sales Head is based out of UAE! Or your IT and Operations Manager might be from Australia! The leverage in terms of hiring the best talent for the specific job at the best price is probably the highest in this model. Arbitrage is the clear winner and all and sundry are happy!

However, like everything in life, the Virtual Staffing model is not without its inherent challenges. Probably the single biggest challenge is to bind a diverse workforce into a single coherent unit that will function for the welfare of a single organization. At GoToMarket we have understood this major obstacle and have ensured that our onboarding process provides the right insights and cultural training for a selected workforce to remain motivated and work for the benefit of a particular company. A motivated workforce is a treasure and we at GTM, take this responsibility very seriously, for our discerning clientele, to keep their workforce focused onto the job. And in the process our client can Go To Market in a jiffy! Single Mindedly!

Understandably, the virtual staffing model promises at lowering the overhead cost, has higher scalability and can actually help companies ramp up their workforce without a burgeoning inhouse HR /recruitment department. However, quality of employees selected becomes a major issue, as there might be a scenario where employees for a particular project or department falls short of the quality benchmarks of client organizations. GTM has solved this problem in its own unique way by always maintaining a pool of high quality, trainable resources who can be deployed to client organizations for their specific skills. At GTM, quality is a given and we have years of cumulative experience to separate the sheep from the lions!

While virtual staffing might be a very aggressive space to operate in, for the sheer demand of quality manpower at competitive prices, GTM ensures that it not only sources the right talent for the right job but understands the skill gaps and requirements of client organizations. Skill gaps pertain to knowledge requirements or specific job oriented skill requirements within departments of companies or even particular functions. Years of experience have taught us that it is more important and also relevant to identify the latent shortages in knowledge and skill and only then devise ways to cover it. So at GTM, a skill assessment audit is the first step before hiring the requisite talent to fill those positions of shortages. This approach enables us to advise our discerning clientele with the right requirements for their manpower solutions. We pride ourselves in taking a consultative approach to virtual staffing and keep our client needs before internal targets!

Remote work raises a vast array of issues and challenges for employees and employers. Companies are pondering how best to deliver coaching remotely and how to configure workspaces to enhance employee safety, among a host of other thorny questions raised by COVID-19. For their part, employees are struggling to find the best home-work balance and equip themselves for working and collaborating remotely. At GTM, we are constantly innovating and trying to find answers to such precarious scenarios. Our team of professionals who have more than 50+ years of global experience have already started developing handbooks for appropriate behaviors and finding work-life balance in virtual working situations. We are also in the process of developing manuals for our client companies that will help them better manage their virtual staff by instilling a sense of dedication to the job in hand: in other words, address the perennial issues of job ownership.

To round up, one thing is certain: this pandemic has opened up the human race to its biggest survival challenges. Businesses run in pre- pandemic ways will have to change their course of action. And it is here that companies like GTM can play a vital role and bring about a paradigm shift in the way we run our companies: Do what you do the best, outsource it to companies like GTM and they will take care of the rest! They are experts for a reason and a partnership with GTM will ensure a trouble free, monochromatic business focus for the clients.

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