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Virtual Staffing

Beyond the walls with Virtual Staffing from GoToMarket

Virtual Staffing

With more and more Founders and CEOs of start-up and scale-up companies firmly committed to increasing their bottom lines manifold, albeit within a limited timeframe, traditional organizational structure required a change.

One of the biggest transformations that took place was in departments like Sales, Services, Marketing and IT which were previously considered core to a traditional company structure. These departments are no longer integral to present-day organizations. In other words, business owners have started looking at outsourcing employees for functions that are expenditure driven in nature. 

Out of the many possible reasons mostly related to efficiency and economics, one of the primary reasons is business owners are now searching for more diversity and creativity in their workforce.

Contrary to a traditional structure where Marketing (a high expenditure function, for example) teams were in-house, in new age companies, it has been seen that cultural diversity in such functions resulted in more creative outputs which, in turn, resulted in greater ROIs for the companies.

Admittedly these functions require a high degree of creativity and skill which can be better tapped from a culturally vast but very competent resource pool. 

Market economics that controls contemporary organizations demand a multiplier return on an investment in a very short period of time. Thus it seems more logical and efficient to only focus on profitability and business growth whilst outsourcing the best talents available in the market.

Virtual staffing or remote working provided the answer to this panacea. Virtual staffing involves hiring employees from different regions and geographies for some select functions and creating a dedicated workforce that will work and deliver under minimal supervision. Such staff are technologically savvy and are also easily trainable. 

Companies can now save on training costs of employees as well as on the cost of maintaining huge commercial office spaces. Some other cost savings and numbers are significant

Go To Market,an internationally acclaimed virtual staffing solutions company did some research on the quantum of cost savings with virtual staffing services.

-Salary overheads are reduced by 60 %

-Operational costs are reduced by 50%

-Employee retention can be increased by 100%

-Register upto 10x year on year consistent growth in business

To add to these numbers, there are no recruitment hassles.

However the killer edge that virtual staffing provides is the access to a skilled and global workforce. The company is not bound to hire locally. The best skill and talent is easily at disposal. Scaling up and going to market for companies are catalysed and penetration of new international markets are much easier.

This model endows considerable aggressiveness on companies and they can purely focus on growth while maintaining a lean and agile workforce. Virtual staffing can be used across functions like QA/QC management, customer service, HR & Operations, Social Media, Sales and Marketing and even select Management roles.

Its a model which strongly relies on the collaboration of HR skills and technology. 

Meetings, discussions, brainstorming sessions are all technology-enabled. The client company benefits by employees dedicatedly working for them under minimal supervision. The virtual staffing model thus promotes transparency and the client can work one-to-one with a particular employee.

This is crucial in modern organizations as Founder’s vision needs to be communicated seamlessly to a functional or domain expert. 

In a traditional company structure, this would have been multi-layered leading to endless complexities and unnecessary frittering away of company resources. With virtual staffing such challenges can be effectively countered.

Another aspect of virtual staffing for business owners is reliability and assurance. Global players like Go To Market, a tech driven Virtual Staffing solutions provider, believe that with proper talent identification and outsourcing strategies the right employees can be recruited for the right organizations. 

Go To Market excels in connecting vision to competence in a global market. The company has expertise in business analysis, strategy, recruitment, training and process setup. It is well equipped to handle recruitment tasks for the virtual teams as well as manage them effectively to drive results for its clientele. 

Go To Market has extended expertise of virtual recruiting across industries like real estate, hospitality, manufacturing, events, healthcare and pharma as well as financial institutions, start-ups and SMEs, IT & e-commerce as well as educational institutions.

Each industry has its specific challenges but the Company is well equipped to provide customized solutions to its diverse set of clients. 

As a company Go To Market is committed to provide the best talents to the customers while keeping a focus on reducing their operational costs. 

That in turn will result in higher ROIs for all partnering organizations.

The GoToMarket team of dedicated professionals will be glad to talk to you, should you consider knowing about the Company’s services. So what are you waiting for? Visit us on: https://gotomarket.com/

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