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5 trends why Virtual Staffing is likely to stay in a post-pandemic world?

virtual staffing

While the Covid-19 pandemic was a big jolt to the way companies ran their businesses and hired their employees, we are slowly transitioning to a world where we will continue with the learnings and seep in the experiences as best practices for a better future. 

In a post-pandemic world, much of the things will be retained and we will see a larger adoption of technology by companies. We discuss some of the virtual staffing trends which are here to stay:

  1. More companies will adopt virtual recruiting technologies where a hiring process that combines both in-person and virtual will become the standard norm, due to reasons of reduced costs and time savings. This data is supported by a Linkedin survey attended by 70% of respondents.

Virtual job interviews will be the common practice going ahead. This will attempt to replace many in-person touchpoints, that will help accelerate timelines whilst providing a layer of safety as we continue to observe social distancing rules.

Virtual hiring will improve the recruiting processes in organizations by streamlining them. It will help improve diversity in hiring and will attract better talent across geographies.

Go To Market, a virtual staffing solutions company that helps organizations recruit better people for specialized jobs, has great success with diversity hiring and talent shipping across geographical boundaries.

2. Diversity, equity and inclusion will be a bigger focus area in recruitment. More candidates will make choices on their assessment of a company’s visible DE&I commitment.

70% of employees want to work for companies that demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Go To Market is fully invested in these new ideas and believes that a confluence of increased awareness, the availability of talent and geographical flexibility will continue to enhance the importance of investing in the right tools to build more diverse teams

3. The fastest-growing pivot for recruiters during the pandemic was personal development which will also continue in a post-pandemic scenario. As Go To Market expands its operations to help build lean companies with rapidity across geographies, quality manpower is one focal point which it never loses sight of. Recruiters from organizations massively increased their appetite for learning as soon as Covid-19 hit last March. Since then, the learning consumption has doubled, and with an ever-evolving labor market, other key metrics that emerged were talent advisory training, virtual interviewing, being productive while working remotely, virtual onboarding, and internal mobility.

4. Virtual hiring is here to stay as 3 out of 4 organizations believe they can effectively hire employees remotely. Companies from e-commerce, IT, ITes, science and technology and telecommunication sectors exhibit a higher readiness (82%) for virtual hiring.

Post pandemic,60% of the hiring will be driven remotely while the rest 40% will be back to the traditional method.

5. With virtual hiring, the HR function has got a new degree of freedom. From an employer’s perspective, this has resulted in a reduced cost of hiring and a faster time to hire. Recruitment through the remote route has enabled digital feedback collection and review of video interviews that help in eliminating interviewer biases. Engaging a large pool of interviewers becomes easier.

Managing the logistics of interviews becomes smooth and seamless which includes RSVP, communication and reminders. Also, virtual processes lend themselves to be processed through centralized channels much more easily than physical interviews.

Virtual staffing solutions partner Go To Market is specialized to provide the right staff for your business. Skilled, trainable and quality manpower solutions are our forte and we more than companies assisting with recruitments-we are your partners to business growth.

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