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Virtual Assistant

4 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Improve Your Business

Virtual Assistant

While some advanced countries seem to be getting out of the covid19-induced tragedy, the dilemma is far from conquered.  While something similar happened during the Spanish Flu (1918 – 1920), the conditions seem so much different a century later. Virtual staffing results from digital technology-based advanced communication systems that developed as recently as the 1990s. Robots replacing human workers came into existence only during the last few decades. 

Technology and software make all things possible

A software application or two for every task has become a dedicated catchphrase in recent times. An app or two has a similar significance. These changes preceded the pandemic. Almost everything like shopping, medical, business, and legal consultations, training, and education, amusement, and trading started shifting online.  

1.Virtual team building makes business faster and better  

Will we ever go back to the olden days before 2020? Though we cannot predict the future, the indications suggest that core changes have appeared. The working world got the first taste of the ‘work from home’ culture out of compulsion. The realization dawned that so many workers could be laid off. Work could be completed very soon and without a fuss. 

Reduced to core tasks, work got done faster virtually. While traditional workers spent hours every day doing nothing, which cannot happen virtually. Certain work is entrusted with the time and payments set. Standards are agreed upon. Shoddy work gets no credit. 

Faced with such conditions, work improves with the fear of not getting paid. Traditional workers strive to find ways to waste time rather than finish the work first. With fixed salaries and job descriptions, office workers do more harm than good. Isn’t it best that virtual workers take over and improve the company morale, work standards, and get things done faster and better? 

2.Working without direct supervision develops maturity

Traditional work practices depend upon a hierarchy structure like a pyramid. Direct communication lines exist and most bosses reside in the same building or nearby. Virtual staffing means that bosses neither know nor see the workers even though they communicate regarding the project. Workers need greater values and sincerity to be able to complete work well without being checked and scolded. It requires trust and confidence, a strong ability, and positive thinking to work well without immediate supervision. 

A novice in the trade or a schoolchild may not be able to work alone. Changes happen rapidly and maturity and experience are suddenly born in such conditions. 

Why do we work? The need to earn a living and feed the belly and the family are primary instincts along with the urge to survive. Hopefully, a better workforce is in the making with independent work away from the boss. 

3.Virtual staffing develops a broad-minded understanding 

Daily media stories of endless conflicts, wars, and strife remind us that an appreciation of global fraternity is urgently necessary. Remote staffing achieves that so successfully. For a few years, people get closer to social media contacts than neighbors! Applying the same principle, we communicate better with online associates across the globe. 

Can you employ a designer in France and an artist in Australia? The idea seems too good to be true. Such a formula works nowadays after a long period of adjustment to the online world. Developing rapport with alien cultures and languages, religions, and political isms seems a small step away. The dream of world peace may be realized through virtual workers spread out in all directions. Like the grass that grows everywhere, the internet unites for a better tomorrow. 

4.Virtual team building saves time and money

Marketing and Customer Service along with many other work areas do not require physical presence. Marketing is mostly done digitally nowadays and the preparation of the materials takes time and effort.  Customer Service often has automated bots doing the answering to queries online. Is it necessary to have a physical presence for 8, 12, or 24 hours? Each hour requires payment. Imagine the vast wastage of resources. 

Mega companies may afford it but the policies are changing rapidly. Mighty companies have their wings cut. A more democratic system and better sharing of resources appear justified like vaccine sharing. 

Among the essential assets for business in products and services or both are human resources, money, and materials, offices, and time. Virtual team building vastly reduces the time and money spent on a project. Analytics can specifically measure human performance and deliver precise reports to facilitate comparisons. The differences reach great proportions, more than imagined. 

Managements across the globe made a great mistake for centuries with immense time and money wasted. Technology speeded up work and improved quality. We are gradually waking up to better and smarter times. Hopefully, the adaptation process works smoothly towards a better and more contented world.  

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